Education in Tibet

As part of its non-profit fundraising, Orgyen Khamdroling sponsors Tibetan children living in rural parts of the Amdo province to attend school. In 2010, we sent $6500 in scholarships directly to children to enable to them to study at bilingual schools, learning both Tibetan and Chinese languages. Doing so will create a generation of children fully able to participate in modern society, and the political and spiritual future of Tibet.

We also sponsor a girls literacy clinic in a village in Amdo for 100 days each winter, when the snow is high and there is little work to do. Many girls do not have the chance to attend school, as most families will pool their resources to send only one child to school, usually a boy. Educating women will ensure that the next generation of Tibetans is literate and knowledgeable about their own culture and traditions.


The cost of sending one child to boarding-school (as there are no schools in the villages), including room, board, tuition, clothing, books and travel expenses, is about $500. Our far-reaching goal is to build a school in rural Amdo, and we have already received a $10,000 pledge from one sponsor. This sponsor will make the donation, provided a small group of donors pledge to match it. If you are interested in making a donation of any amount to our Tibetan Education Project, please donate using the link below. If you are interested in making a contribution of time or skills this project, please contact us.